AICSYS Inc. the worldwide Industrial PC manufacturer designed the low cost rackmount keyboard mouse drawer of KD-100P. Perfect size of 1U rack height to provide the ruggedized industrial application with superior quality. Housed in heavy-duty steel enclosure to meet EIA-310C industrial standard, which will assure high reliable operation, comfort and ease to use in most harsh environment application. KD-100P could connect to any common PS/2 or USB interface and Plug-n-Play compliant with sliding rails and lock in for the extended position.


AICSYS Inc. builds the KD-100P for severe critical environment with 106-key multi-languages keyboard selection for PS/2 or USB. It included a separate numeric keypad, touchpad and hand pad cushion for comfortable typing position. The PS/2 or USB connection cable could be plugged directly into computer like keyboard operation. It designed for two colors: BLACK and BEIGE. The KD-100P is an excellent solution where space is a concern, such as industrial automation, military, security, public kiosk and medical equipment carts etc. with the operating live cycle for 8 million.


AICSYS Inc. assists our business partners in numerous industries and continuously developing the must cutting edge IPC products. AICSYS Inc provides the project solution with our innovative OEM/ODM customization service to meet customers’ specific requirements.  

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Product Features: 


  • 1U height, most suitable for 19" rack cabinet application
  • Heavy-duty steel construction, meets EIA-310C industrial standard
  • PS/2 or USB and SUN version are available
  • Intelligent touchpad equipped
  • Plug-n-Play
  • Multi-language keyboards are available:
    US, UK, German, SwissGerman, French, Finnish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swiss, Belgium, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Japanese, Chinese, ArabicRussian and Hebrew etc.